Google Storage Changes

Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite) is changing the allowed storage for educational institutions. As a result, the storage allotted to ASU will be significantly reduced. Starting on December

Classroom Enhancements

The look and function of learning environments have significantly changed over the years and have been most apparent in recent months. We have seen an accelerated transformation regarding the use

Fulton Launches The Software Hub

New for the Fall of 2022, engineering students, staff, and faculty now have a centralized starting point to find software available to them. Sun Devils from the Ira A. Fulton

Students working together on a laptop computer

Fulton’s Tutoring System Serves Thousands of Engineering Students with Just One Full-Time Staff Member

Fulton Schools of Engineering Tutor Management System connects hundreds of students with tutors while reducing the number of staff required to manage the system. Available free of charge, this service

Student using CAD software on laptop computer

Free SolidWorks Certification Vouchers for Engineering Students

As a member of the SolidWorks Education Program, Fulton Schools of Engineering students get free access to SolidWorks CAD software, plus vouchers for various SolidWorks certifications (over $1,000 total value)!


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Recommended Devices for Students

Fulton Schools of Engineering recommends a minimum set of computer specifications for most entry-level courses. As you advance through your program, your computing needs may increase. Speak to your faculty

Supporting the Future of Now

The podium PC wouldn’t boot. A bustle of students flowed into the classroom as the professor furrowed her brow. She had only moments to resolve this before class began. IT

Special Event – Networking

Have a special event a few weeks away? Need augmented WiFi to ensure coverage for a dense population or internet cabled to an unusual space? Please submit a ServiceNow Ticket

Legacy Telephone Technologies to the Session Internet Protocol

ASU will be transitioning from Legacy Telephone Technologies to the Session Internet Protocol (SIP) telecommunications service. The schedule for this transition, which will be occurring over several months, is broken