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Technology Bulletin August 2023

ETS Technology Bulletin: FSE cloud classroom, classroom technology orientation, and more

FSE Enhances Security with New Managed Printer Model

In an ongoing commitment to strengthen our security measures and mitigate risk exposure, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) is collaborating with the Enterprise Technology (ET) office to introduce a new managed printer model within a dedicated network environment. This initiative aims to remove printers from ASU’s core computing infrastructure and address the…

Find us on Slack

Engineering Technical Services can be found on Slack in the ASU Engineering workspace. Our channel, #fse-technology, was established as a line of communication to facilitate discussion on technology related topics within the FSE community. We will be sharing updates on what’s going on in the world of tech at Fulton. We welcome you to drop us a line, ask a question, start a conversation or just see what others have to say.

Technology Bulletin March 2023

ETS Technology Bulletin: Overleaf software, classroom technology upgrades, and more

Overleaf Research Collaboration Software

Overleaf is a powerful online platform that allows researchers to collaborate in real-time on the writing and editing of research documents. It boasts a user-friendly interface and many innovative features, including automatic version control and easy document sharing. Overleaf is an essential tool for researchers looking to work together and share ideas seamlessly, regardless of…

Fulton Launches The Software Hub

New for the Fall of 2022, engineering students, staff, and faculty now have a centralized starting point to find software available to them. Sun Devils from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering now have The Software Hub, an Engineering Technical Services (ETS) web page that brings together dozens of educational technology tools and hundreds of…

LastPass Security Update

Due to the most recent security breach at LastPass, ASU no longer recommends the use of LastPass to manage personal account information. The incident occurred in November of 2022 and was linked to a prior security breach in August of 2022. Ultimately, an unauthorized party gained access to customer account information such as company names,…

ASU to Offer Additional Survey Tool

ASU Enterprise Technology is happy to share that an additional service option for our community is scheduled to roll out April 2022: QuestionPro! QuestionPro is a survey tool that empowers students and staff to distribute questionnaires, collect data, and sort through responses with ease. Qualtrix, an equally suitable alternative, will remain available to the ASU…

Special Event – Networking

Have a special event a few weeks away? Need augmented WiFi to ensure coverage for a dense population or internet cabled to an unusual space? Please submit a ServiceNow Ticket so we can help. You can also reach out to your Engagement Advisor, or call the Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080.

Supporting the Future of Now

The podium PC wouldn’t boot. A bustle of students flowed into the classroom as the professor furrowed her brow. She had only moments to resolve this before class began. IT support signage hung throughout the room. She dialed the number, and the Client Orchestration team answered. After a quick conversation, they found the solution, and…