Revolutionizing Research: How the SURI Application Enhances Student Research Opportunities

ASU’s SURI program enhanced its application process with a new web application, leading to a notable increase in applicants. The system improves workflows, data security, and user experience, supporting student research opportunities. Read more about how the new application benefits the SURI program.


The Summer Undergraduate Research Initiative (SURI) at ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering provides students with hands-on research experience, aiming to inspire future academic and professional pursuits. Previously, the application process relied on Google Forms, which presented numerous inefficiencies and security concerns. To address these issues, a comprehensive web application was developed, significantly enhancing the user experience and process efficiency.

Project Overview

The project involved developing a robust web application to streamline the SURI application process. Key features include automated workflows, enhanced data security, and user-friendly interfaces. The new system replaces the Google Form with a secure and efficient platform, capable of handling increased application volumes seamlessly.

Increase in Applicants

Following the implementation of the new application system, there was a notable increase in the number of applicants. This rise in applications occurred after the launch of the new system, reflecting the improved accessibility and efficiency of the application process.

Benefits of the SURI Application

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new application provides a smoother and more intuitive process for students, reducing the time and effort required to apply.
  • Improved Data Security: With advanced security features, the application ensures the protection of sensitive student information.
  • Streamlined Processes: Automation of various tasks, such as data validation and communication, reduces administrative overhead and minimizes errors.

Success Stories

SURI has a significant impact on students’ academic and career trajectories. For instance, Taman Truong, a participant in the SURI program, found the experience invaluable for learning beyond classroom teachings, working on a machine learning project that focused on ensuring differential privacy in data analysis​ (ASU News)​​ (Full Circle)​. Another participant, Cabria Pirtle, designed a sustainability center for her college, which inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in chemical engineering​ (ECE School)​.

Future Enhancements

Looking ahead, there are plans to gather user feedback to continuously improve the SURI application. Future enhancements may include additional features to further streamline the process and integrate more advanced data analytics to support program evaluation and improvement.


The new SURI application has significantly improved the application process, leading to a better overall experience for students and administrators. By leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and security, the SURI application plays a crucial role in supporting student research opportunities at ASU.

Call to Action

Interested students are encouraged to learn more about the SURI program and apply for upcoming opportunities. Visit the SURI application page for more information and resources