March 2024 Windows Group Policy Changes at FSE

Reasons for the Changes

We are implementing a series of updates to our Windows group policies. These changes are designed to enhance our IT security and align with Microsoft’s best practices. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Security:
    • These updates align with Microsoft’s best practices.
    • By implementing these changes, we aim to reduce vulnerabilities across our systems.
    • Ensuring robust security is crucial for safeguarding our data and maintaining a secure computing environment.
  2. Compliance with Recommendations:
    • Microsoft recommends certain configurations to enhance system security.
    • Our adjustments adhere to these recommendations, ensuring that our systems meet industry standards.

Specific Policy Changes

  1. Computer Lockout Duration:
    • After 5-30 minutes of inactivity, your computer will lock and require a password to unlock.
    • Video usage (e.g., Zoom or Teams) prevents the screen from locking.
    • Some schools may have shorter or longer lockout periods.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC):
    • The old RDC software is no longer supported by Microsoft.
    • To maintain security, it will no longer remember usernames and passwords.
    • Consider switching to the current Microsoft Remote Desktop app, which allows for saved credentials.
  3. Other Policy Changes:
    • While most changes won’t be noticeable, they contribute to our overall security.
    • If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why is the lockout duration changing?
    • Standardizing the lockout duration enhances security and aligns with best practices.
    • It ensures that inactive computers are protected against unauthorized access.
  2. Can I still use the old RDC software?
    • Yes, but it won’t remember usernames and passwords.
    • Consider switching to the current Microsoft Remote Desktop app for a better experience.
  3. What if my school has a different lockout period?
    • Some schools may adopt different lockout periods.
    • Reach out to your School IT Team if you have specific concerns.
  4. Where can I get more information about this set of updates?
  5. When do these changes take effect?
    • The policy changes are being rolled out to Windows computers in FSE during Spring Break, 2024

Next Steps

Remember that any specific policy inquiries or performance-related questions after these changes go into effect should be directed to your School IT Team.