Technology Bulletin April 2024

Welcome to the Technology Bulletin, a periodic email from Engineering Technical Services (ETS) that highlights important technology news, helpful reminders, and resources impacting the FSE community.

Software Purchases for Labs this Fall

Attention Educators and Lab Instructors. If you need specific software that is not already available, now is the time to act. Ensure that essential software is installed in your classroom or lab by requesting the specific software versions you need. As the school year draws to a close, take advantage of this ideal time to assess your needs. The deadline to request software for the summer semester is May 3rd and the fall semester deadline is July 19. Request software today.

Fulton Software Hub Updates

You can now search the Engineering Software Repository inside the Software Hub for software offered or licensed through FSE. Explore enhanced filtering options by FSE Cloud Classroom and ASU MyApps and find detailed information on where to retrieve each software title. Whether you prefer online access via FSE Cloud Classroom, in-person availability at specified labs, or downloading to your own computer over the internet, discover the tools you need.

Data Classification Tool

ASU Enterprise Technology has released the Data Classification Tool, a valuable resource for anyone handling data in their roles. Even those who use AI to generate content could benefit from a quick review of the data being accessed. Using a series of yes-or-no questions, the tool helps you determine how to classify, transfer and store your data. Is the data considered Public, Internal or Sensitive? This tool will help you answer that question and give recommendations on how to safeguard valuable information. Plus, it conveniently links to the Research Data Storage Selector, designed specifically for researchers’ unique needs.

Recognizing Exceptional IT Service

Your feedback is essential for delivering exceptional technical support. Please take a moment to provide your thoughts at the close of your service ticket to help us improve our services. Whether it’s a quick question or a complex issue, your IT Team is committed to providing quality service. If your IT Team has exceeded your expectations, consider recognizing their efforts with a Sun Award or a Fulton Difference Award! For IT assistance, reach out via ServiceNow, and don’t forget to share your feedback when prompted. Every piece of feedback is important to us.

Summer Travel Reminder for ASU Staff and Faculty

As you plan your summer travels, it’s essential to keep in mind the policies and protections in place for ASU devices you may take with you. This includes devices used for telecommuting, mobile work, and travel. When traveling with ASU equipment or systems, be sure to adhere to the safety guidelines. Remember to use ASU’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing ASU systems remotely, and ensure your devices are encrypted to protect sensitive data. Keep ASU equipment secure and report any issues or security concerns to our IT support team.

Visit Telecommuting, Mobile and Travel Safety for more details on ASU’s travel policy.

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