Recommended Devices for Students


Recommended Devices for Students

Fulton Schools of Engineering recommends a minimum set of computer specifications for most entry-level courses. As you advance through your program, your computing needs may increase. Speak to your faculty

Special Event – Networking

Have a special event a few weeks away? Need augmented WiFi to ensure coverage for a dense population or internet cabled to an unusual space? Please submit a ServiceNow Ticket

Legacy Telephone Technologies to the Session Internet Protocol

ASU will be transitioning from Legacy Telephone Technologies to the Session Internet Protocol (SIP) telecommunications service. The schedule for this transition, which will be occurring over several months, is broken

New Information Security Training Course

The new Information Security Training Course is now available! This training provides an overview of effective best practices for protecting ASU data and resources. This 30-minute course is required for

ASU to Offer Additional Survey Tool

UTO is happy to share that an additional service option for our community is scheduled to roll out April 2022: QuestionPro! QuestionPro is a survey tool that empowers students and

Reminder: Oracle Data Warehouse will be Decommissioned on Oct. 31, 2021

In order to avoid any data failures or outages, all reports, apps, queries, or other artifacts currently pointing to the Oracle DW will need to be repointed to Redshift (or

Google Implements new Security Features to Drive

Google has implemented a new security update to enhance the privacy and security of file-sharing via Google Drive. While users may find their Google Drive files impacted, it is important