FSE Enhances Security with New Managed Printer Model

In an ongoing commitment to strengthen our security measures and mitigate risk exposure, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) is collaborating with the Enterprise Technology (ET) office to introduce a new managed printer model within a dedicated network environment. This initiative aims to remove printers from ASU’s core computing infrastructure and address the potential security vulnerabilities associated with traditional printer setups.

Recognizing the need for robust security, the printers within FSE will now be isolated in their printer Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), ensuring a separate network for enhanced protection.

Under the direction of FSE Cybersecurity, approximately two hundred printers are being migrated to the new environment, with a completion date of September 2023. Engineering Technical Services (ETS) centrally manages the printers, which enables device tracking, updates, and usage reporting services.

The objective of this initiative is twofold: enhancing security by removing printers from ASU’s core computing environment and streamlining printer management to reduce IT personnel workload. By centralizing operations, ETS ensures proactive security measures and allocates more time to critical tasks.

This migration is designed to be seamless, with minimal impact on users. Besides a one-time printer reboot, these upgrades are undetectable from a user perspective.