All Available Services

Engineering Technical Services (ETS) is working diligently behind the scenes to ensure instruction and learning run smoothly. Here, you will find quick access to the services provided by ETS. Whether you need support with the technology in the classroom, custom web applications, server support, door access or business analytics. You will find links to those and more.

Request Event Tracking or RSVP

We provide a web based RSVP system for events and event tracking for custom events using ID card swiping. When you open the ServiceNow ticket, select “Web Applications” from the drop down menu. From here you will get a new drop down menu that allows you to request the type of application: RSVP or Event Tracking.

Request TAS

Get support with or request TAS (Time and Attendance Support).

Distribution Lists

Get support with or request distribution lists.

Custom Web Application Development

Request a custom web application by filling out a project intake form.


Support for classrooms such as installing applications and operating systems, media support, hardware support, or classroom lab support.

Cloud Classroom

Support for the FSE Cloud Classroom environment including software or virtual lab requests.


Manages system patching, antivirus/antimalware and provides IT deskside support.


Get support with FSE managed applications.

Requests or Renewals

Request or renew software applications.

Manage Access

Request access to IT resources.


Network Storage and Server Support

For support with network storage, Print Queue Management,  FSE Customer Datacenter, Database, Active Directory, JAMF and more.

Microsoft OneDrive

For assistance using Microsoft Office OneDrive as storage.

We handle ISAAC door access and maintenance, contractor card access, classroom bulk, changes, and address time zone changes.

If you would like to read more, head over to the following site: Keyless Door Entry System Isaac.

Collaboration Tools


Add a new channel, user group, add or remove members.

Microsoft Teams

Create a group in Teams for effortless collaboration.


Create an account or combine your existing account with your ASU account.

Security Reviews

Fill out a ServiceNow ticket to request a security review. When doing so, be sure to select ETS under IT Support Group. And, under Request Type, select Security.

Security Standards

Stay up to date with the security standards implemented by the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Project Intake

Our business analyst will work with you to identify and define the requirements of the project by collaborating with stakeholders and understanding the project needs.