Free SolidWorks Certification Vouchers for Engineering Students

Student using CAD software on laptop computer
Student using CAD software on laptop computer

As a member of the SolidWorks Education Program, Fulton Schools of Engineering students get free access to SolidWorks CAD software, plus vouchers for various SolidWorks certifications (over $1,000 total value)! Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  A SolidWorks certification is proof of your skills, and having  “Certified SolidWorks Professional” listed on your resume can make a big difference to employers.

Qualify for a Voucher

Vouchers allow engineering students to participate in certification exams without cost. There are many different certification vouchers available and getting access to vouchers is easy. You just need to:

How to get Access to the Software

SolidWorks is a software application that is compatible with Microsoft® Windows. Engineering students can access the SolidWorks in various ways:

More information

Further detail about specific courses, labs, virtual access, and vouchers for SolidWorks is available through the Engineering Technical Services SolidWorks page. You can also visit the SolidWorks Academic Certification website for more information directly from the publisher.