Web Apps

Web apps are custom software applications that connect students, faculty, staff, and researchers in the Fulton Schools of Engineering across familiar academic processes, student programs, and administrative functions. To request access to these web apps, submit a request through the Application Support portal.

Here is a sample of popular web apps:

Engineering Students can view and schedule an appointment with their advisor using the advising calendar. Students can block a slot and submit any relevant information to help the advisor prepare for the scheduled appointment.

Students enrolled in an engineering discipline under the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and in need of financial assistance can search and apply for scholarships using the scholarship portal. Students can also look up scholarship details such as the eligibility criteria, application and selection process, deadlines etc., to check if they qualify for a particular scholarship.

A distribution list is a list of email addresses that can be mass mailed via automation without having to add the addresses individually. The base lists created by an administrator can be managed using the Distribution Lists app. The app allows for manual additions and deletions of email addresses to lists that then get added to Active Directory nightly.


Staff in participating departments across ASU request leave time and report hours worked to their supervisors using the Time and Attendance Support Web app (TAS). Requests are approved by supervisors and later reconciled with time reported in the PeopleSoft system for the payroll period.


Incoming engineering freshman participate in the engineering E2 camp program in the Pine trees of Prescott, Arizona as a first step towards their academic career. Using the E2 Camp app, students register themselves to their first and second choice camp. E2 Administrators configure beds, buses, and groups, then assign the students to all of the camps as the students register using the E2 Camp Admin portal.

Course Feedback Surveys allow instructors to create surveys and receive anonymous feedback from their students for their currently active courses. Responses gathered from students are displayed to instructors only and are not viewed or summarized by anyone other than the instructor.

Undergraduate engineering students interested in gaining research experience apply for approval and funding using the FURI app. After pre-screening candidates by a FURI administrator, FURI review committee members use this FURI Review Committee Portal to score, recommend, and leave comments about student applications. The Web app connects student applications including details about their research project with faculty mentors who provide support throughout the semester.


In-Person and online tutoring is available to undergraduate engineering students for various subjects. Using Tutor Management system (TMS), students can view schedules, find Zoom meeting information, and block slots with tutors to get tutoring help.

The Engineering Course Override Request portal is available to Engineering students, advisors, and certain advisors from other colleges who need to request an override to enroll in a course. Academic advisors approve, deny, or request more information through the system. Student enrollment is continuously updated by the system so that academic advisors can follow-up and ensure that students receive their overrides.

Faculty can request Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and ASU 101 Section Leaders using the UGTA App. Students apply in the UGTA Student portal and then administrators match candidates to requests and make offers in the UGTA Admin portal.