SolidWorks Certification and Software at ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering

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SolidWorks is computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided engineering (CAE) software used to model solid three-dimensional objects. SolidWorks operates exclusively on Windows and is used widely across the engineering industry.

As a member of the SolidWorks Education Program, ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering students receive:

Get a Free Certification Voucher

To acquire a certification voucher, you will need to contact your instructor and ask them to sponsor you. If your instructor has any questions about the sponsoring process, please refer them this to this page.

Available certification vouchers include:

SolidWorks Associate Academic

SolidWorks Professional Academic

Faculty Directions for Acquiring Student Vouchers

Faculty help engineering students gain access to certifications by sponsoring their request for a voucher. Use the following information to help you get started:

  1. Complete the SolidWorks Academic Certification Provider Application.
  2. Request a 24-character serial number from the desk side support queue by creating a ServiceNow ticket.
    Enter, “SolidWorks Certification Request” in the description field.
  3. Follow the directions provided by SolidWorks for becoming a sponsor and obtaining a voucher.
  4. Reach out to your student and provide their voucher.

If you have any questions on this process, contact the technology team by creating a ServiceNow ticket.

Access SolidWorks Software in the Computer Lab

SolidWorks software is installed and available for student use in the following labs:

Get SolidWorks on your PC

Students may install SolidWorks on their Microsoft® Windows computer using the ASU MyApps portal.

For a complete list of software available for ASU for engineering students at ASU, visit the Engineering Technical Services Software Page.

Visit the FSE Cloud Classroom

Access a virtualized rendition of SolidWorks immediately through your browser using FSE Cloud Classroom.


Why are the software and certifications useful?

Experience with SolidWorks software prepares students for a career in engineering. Students can include SolidWorks certifications in their resume.

Where can I get more information about the SolidWorks Academic Certification?

Visit the SolidWorks Academic Certification website.

See the SolidWorks website for detailed information and demonstrations.

What courses qualify to use SolidWorks?

Students in the following courses at ASU qualify for free vouchers and free software:

Course IDCourse Title
AEE480Space Systems Design
AET560Numerical Methods in Engineering Technology
BMD598Special Topics
BME100Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BME182Biomedical Engineering Product Design and Development I
BME282Biomedical Engineering Product Design and Development II
BME300Bioengineering Product Design
BME382Biomedical Engineering Product Design and Development III
BME417Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design I
BME490Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design II
BME494Special Topics
BME598Special Topics
CIS394Special Topics
CSE564Software Design
EEE489Senior Design Laboratory II
EGR101Foundations of Engineering Design Project I
EGR102Foundations of Engineering Design Project II
EGR201Use-Inspired Design Project I
EGR202Use-Inspired Design Project II
EGR240CADD and Solid Modeling
EGR304Embedded Sys Design Project I
EGR305Robotics Systems Project I
EGR314Electrical Systems Project II
EGR315Robotic Systems Project II
EGR343Mechanics of Solid Materials
EGR380Advanced CADD & Solid Modeling
EGR381Processes & Validate Lab (MFG381)
EGR387Industrial Manufacturing (MFG387)
EGR394Special Topics
EGR401Professional Design Project I
EGR402Professional Design Project II
EGR445Mechanical Engineering Systems
EGR486CNC Computer Programming (MFG486)
EGR494Special Topics
EGR535Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
EGR598Special Topics
EST470Capstone Design I
EST471Capstone Design II
FSE100Introduction to Engineering
FSE104EPICS Gold Feasibility and Planning
FSE494Special Topics
MAEMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE214Computer-Aided Engineering I
MAE585Solar Thermal Engineering
MAE589Heat Transfer
MAE598Special Topics
MEE323Computer-Aided Engineering II
MEE488Mechanical Engineering Design I
MEE489Mechanical Engineering Design II
MET214Applied Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
MET345Advanced Manufacturing Processes
MET351Introduction to Automation
MET440Finite Element Analysis
MET443CNC Computer Programming
MET444Production Tooling
MET460Capstone Project I
MET461Capstone Project II
MET504Applications of Production Tooling
MFG381Manufacturing Processes and Validation Lab
MSEMaterials Science and Engineering
SER594Human Computer Interaction
SES330Practical Electronics and Instrumentation
SES394Special Topics
SES411Senior Exploration Project II
TEM250Design Methodology