What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration platform that allows users to communicate with each other remotely. Its features include channels for specific categories (i.e. projects, teams, clients), video chat, voice chat, file sharing, and more. Slack also has a library of over 1,500 applications, such as Google Drive, that can be integrated within a workspace. For more information on Slack, visit the home page.

Where to download Slack?

ETS on Slack

Engineering Technical Services’ new Slack channel, #fse-technology, is Fulton’s hub for exchanging technology insights. We will keep the channel fresh with updates about classroom equipment, software upgrades or technology events. We welcome questions and insights. Our knowledgeable team is ready to respond. Stop by and join the conversation.

Info graphic explaining Slack workspaces at ASU.

There are multiple ASU workspaces in the Slack enterprise. Such as: ASU Engineering Workspace, ASU Engineering Students, Research Group, Course Workspaces and ASU Community Workspace. Each workspace has it's own set of channels. Some channels will be available to all users in the workspaces (public channels). These are channels in which all members of a workspace can join, all content is searchable, and it can be converted to a private channel. Some channels will be closed and membership will be by invitation only (private channels) these channels are joined via invite, only members of the channel can access or search content, it can never be converted to a public channel. Multi-workspace channels connect separate workspaces within an enterprise grid. For example, there is a private channel for all IFT students at ASU, these channels can be public or private. Shared channels connect separate organizations. For example, ASU engineering and ASU engineering students could have a shared channel. These channels can be public or private. 

In the near future, members of the ASU community workspace (all faculty, students, and staff) will be able to create channels for student groups, social groups, etc.

For the ASU engineering workspace, channels are created by request. Also direct messages can become group chats that can hold up to eight people.

Switching Workspaces

  • Browse Application
  • Message Options
  • Follow Channels
  • Group Chats
  • Edit Notfications for Slack
  • Edit Notifications by Channel
  • Creating a Private Channel
  • Installing Outlook
  • Configuring Outlook
  • Connecting Slack on Outlook
  • Forwarding an Email to Slack
  • Installing OneDrive
  • Share using OneDrive
  • Installing Dropbox
  • Features for Dropbox
  • Add a file from Dropbox
  • Workspace
  • Channels, User Groups & Membership Changes