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Remote Access Labs


This resource is reserved for FSE Students currently enrolled. You will see several Virtual Labs depending on the School and Courses you are enrolled in. Be sure to select the appropriate lab for your course, as you would in person.

Ensure you are connected to ASU VPN:

Once you are connected ASU VPN, go to and login with your asuad (student) credentials:

Note: If the user is not a student, use your asurite (worker/staff/faculty) credentials.

Once logged in, choose the classroom\lab you need access to a remote workstation:

When you click on a classroom\lab to access a workstation, you might need to install Citrix. This website should detect if you have Citrix and install:

    • This website should detect if you have Citrix and install.
    • If you are running into issues with your usual browser to connect to the Student VDI Console, you can
      alternatives like Chrome or Firefox which have been tested to work successfully

Note: You can also utilize the “light version” of Citrix if you encounter issues.

    • If the detection process did not start for any reason then select “Change Citrix Receiver” from the user profile drop-down menu at the top-right of the window:

Then click Download and install:

After Citrix has been downloaded & installed, click on continue:

After clicking on a classroom\lab to access a workstation, the website should prompt you to open Citrix:

Citrix will open up with a remote access window to use the workstation (example below):

WARNING: When the Virtual Computer is idle for 30 minutes it will log you out.
DO NOT save to the desktop, save to a Local or Removable Disk like a flash drive. All changes made to the Virtual Computer are lost after log off.


After I click “Login” nothing happens.

If you are connecting from off-campus you will need to install and run SSLVPN. It can be downloaded from ASU My Apps.

The mouse is jerky; Everything is slow; My Mac keeps crashing when I try to start the Virtual Lab.

Make sure you have the latest Citrix Receiver installed. It can be downloaded from .

It keeps asking me to install Citrix Receiver even after I did.

Make sure you have restarted. Also your browser may have a security pop-up that asks to allow the citrix plugin. Google Chrome does not recognize Citrix Receiver is installed, just click skip this step if using Chrome.

I installed the Citrix Receiver but when I run it nothing happens.

You do not need to run the Citrix Receiver. After installation just click “Login” above to get started.

I get a strange error when trying to log in.

The virtual lab may be full; Check back later. If the problem doesn’t resolve in a couple hours send an email to the email address at the bottom of the page with the title “CIDSE Virtual Lab Error” and your ASURITE ID (no password), when you tried to access the Virtual Lab, and a short description of the problem.

It says “There are no resources currently available for this user” after logging in.

Try logging in under ASURITE instead of ASUAD at the log-in screen. If you still have problems send an email to the email address at the bottom of the page with the title “CIDSE Virtual Lab Access” and a short description of your problem and we will work the resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Where did all my files go from last time?

The virtual lab does not save any changes after logoff/restart. Please make sure to save any files you need to a removable flash drive or your Local Disk.

My program takes a long time to run, do I really have to sit and keep moving the mouse every 30 minutes?

Yes. If you feel like 30 minutes is too short let us know!

Can I request software be installed on the Virtual Lab?

Please do! Just email the address below with any requests. We will do what we can, although we will most likely not be able to make any changes until the following semester.


If you have any questions email: