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VMware / Azure Dev Tools / Imagine

VMware Inc. is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services.

VMware Availability

The Fulton School of Engineering provides students, faculty, and staff VMware Software, through the Azure Dev Tools Program (formerly the Imagine program) for educational use in classroom and faculty related tasks. The Azure Dev Tools program provides an assortment of software from VMs, to Windows 10 OS, and other Microsoft developer tools. This will enable users to set up a virtual machine on a single physical machine and provide them with multiple operating systems through the virtual machine. There are certain classroom machines that have the Linux VMware software already installed. A request will need to made by a professor if any other software is required. Click here to make a request. The classrooms that have Linux VMWare software available are:

  • Brickyard 214
  • Brickyard 215
  • ECG 115

*Students will have access to the student tab in the elms website and Faculty and Staff will have access to the Faculty/Staff tab.

Azure Dev Tools Program (formerly Imagine Program)

Fulton is partnered with the Microsoft Developer Network to provide Engineering students, faculty, and staff with access to Microsoft products for download and installation to labs and personal computers. The main goal of the Imagine program is to make it easier and less expensive for academic institutions to have access to all of the great Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers. Additional information about the Imagine program can be found here.

How to download Azure software

  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your ASUrite ID and Password
  • The user must be an ASU Student or Faculty
  • Browse the software needed and download

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VMware Installation Support

The on-campus tech studio can provide tech support on all four campus locations for Students and Faculty to stop by with any VMware installation support. Office hours and additional information can be found here.

Azure Dev Tools Licensing Details

This software is free for Students and Faculty/Staff and the only restriction this program has is that it is for educational use only. The VM license is valid for one year on the date you receive the product key to access it. After that one year is up, the student or faculty member must receive a new product key to continue access. If the student or faculty/staff member is no longer apart of the Fulton Schoool of Engineering or ASU, that VM will still be available for use until the product key expires. After that, they will no longer be able to get a new product key.