DocuWare is a cloud based solution used within the Fulton Schools of Engineering for document storage, management and workflow automation.

Process Improvement And Automation

DocuWare was implemented within the Fulton Schools of Engineering as a solution to streamline academic and business processes.

Electronic Storage

DocuWare enables users to store and retrieve documents electronically within DocuWare File Cabinets. This makes it easier for users to store, search, and organize documents. DocuWare promotes a paperless environment by removing the need of paper documents and files.


DocuWare provides a secure environment by limiting document access to appropriate employees and roles.

How To Request Access To DocuWare

Please use Service Now to request access to DocuWare. Please note that since DocuWare File Cabinets are customized for each individual process, please check with your team lead to verify exactly what File Cabinet access you need.

DocuWare Issues

Please use Service Now to report a DocuWare Issue.

New DocuWare Project Requests

To request a new project which includes the development and implementation of a new DocuWare File Cabinet, please use the links below:

  • Team Leads within Academic Student Affairs: Please discuss your project request with your team lead first, then have your team lead submit the request at: ASA – Project Requests