Smartsheet cloud-based collaboration and project management software is now being offered to the Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty and staff through a departmental chargeback model. Smartsheet uses an easy-to-understand spreadsheet interface supporting a wide range of functionality including…

    • Manage Projects: You can create projects and tasks which can then be shared with team members and colleagues.
    • Collaborate: You can invite other project team members to collaborate on a sheet, which means they can either view or edit the sheet.
    • Set Up Alerts: You can set up notifications and reminders for tasks within the sheet.
    • Attach Files: You can attach files to the overall sheet or to a row (or task) in the sheet. The files are stored in the cloud and are accessible when you or collaborators log in to Smartsheet and view the sheet. Note: Currently, there is no authorization for sensitive or highly sensitive data use via the ETS instance of Smartsheet. Please refrain from listing, attaching, or storing any such data within Smartsheet.
    • Have Discussions: You can set up discussions for the project as a whole or for certain tasks. These discussions are stored within the sheet.
    • Request Updates:You can request updates from collaborators on the progress of their assigned tasks from within the sheet.
    • Set Up Web Forms: This enables you to set up feedback or survey forms and have the responses users give to automatically populate into a sheet.
    • Publish the Sheet: You can make the sheet available via an external URL so that anyone can see it.
    • Create Dashboards & Reports: You can create dashboards and reports based upon existing sheets, and share those reports with colleagues.

    How to evaluate Smartsheet at no cost

    If you would like to determine if Smartsheet will work for you, we encourage you to sign up for a free 30-day trial on before requesting a license through ETS. If, after evaluating Smartsheet, you decide to purchase a license through ETS, your existing sheets will transfer over. Please create your free Smartsheet account using an ASU e-mail address so any sheets you create will transfer over to a engineering license account if you decide to purchase. Please refer to the Smartsheet Trial FAQ for more information.

    Engineering Smartsheet License Features and Cost

    The cost for a Smartsheet license is $430.50 billed annually to your department. The license includes the ability to create Sheets and Sights (Reports). In addition, licensed engineering users will have access to the following features:

    Once your license has been granted, you will receive further instructions on how to access the above resources.

    Free Professor Accounts

    A limited number of professor accounts are currently available to Instructors within the Fulton Schools of Engineering. The professor account allows the instructor to in turn assign and un-assign accounts for up to 100 students. To request a professor account, please submit a Service Now Request and specify that you are requesting the free Prof Account.

    About Licensing

    You only need to purchase a license if you are going to be creating and administering Sheets. If any of your colleagues will only need to view and/or update sheets, they are not required to purchase a license. For example, you as a licensed user might create a sheet, and then share that sheet with other colleagues. The colleague could use their free Smartsheet account to view and edit that sheet.

    Note that anyone signing up for a free account will have a 30-day trial during which the user may create and share sheets. However, after the 30-day trial expires, any shared sheets will continue to be editable and viewable by the user of the free account.

    ASU Data Handling Standard Notice

    Although Smartsheet is a robust project-orientated collaboration tool, there is no authorization to use or store sensitive or highly sensitive data within Smartsheet, per the ASU data handling standard. E.g., Sensitive PII, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, etc. If you would like assistance with data classification after reading the above-linked standard, please contact your local IT department.”

    How to purchase a Smartsheet license

    Please use Service Now to purchase any Smartsheet licenses you may require. The cost of the license will be charged back to your department and billed on an annual basis.

    Smartsheet Support and Training

    Smartsheet offers a robust knowledge base with video training available through Smartsheet Support.