Engineering Web Apps (Software) SLA

version 1.0 10.2022


This service level agreement defines software developed by ETS and delivered as a service on behalf of our Partners during the Service Term. Services or features not covered by this agreement fall outside the scope of service. Any modifications to this standard agreement are made through a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


Amendment Process

Amendments to this agreement require a separate MOU, with director approval from ETS and Partner.

Renewal and Termination

Any changes to the terms or conditions requires a renewed agreement from Partner. Agreement is renewed annually. In the absence of changes to the agreement, annual renewal occurs automatically.

Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notification to the other party ninety (90) days in advance of termination.

ETS Provides


Configuration and Training





Partner Expectations

Financial Responsibilities

Risk Management

ETS reserves the right to remove users or whole organizations that are out-of-compliance or pose an otherwise unnecessary risk to the safety, stability, or cybersecurity requirements of ETS, FSE, or ASU.

Contact ETS

Reports: Create a ticket in ServiceNow (Application: “Web Applications”, Web Application Request: please indicate the specific title of the Software)

Inquiries: Developer, Jeff Carpenter

Business Hours: Weekdays 8AM to 5PM, except during ASU holidays and academic break periods

After Hours Support: ServiceNow ticket or call ASU Help Center at 480-965-6500 for best effort support

Response Times

TypeDescriptionResponse Time
OutageCritical. Software completely unusableWithin 30 minutes*
FixReduced functionality. Software still usableWithin 4 hours*
UpgradeUpgrade or enhance Software functionality**2 days
*During business hours
**Enhancement work subject to leadership approval and is not covered by the scope of this agreement.