Datacenter Server Housing SLA

version 1.0 09.2022


This service level agreement defines infrastructure and services provided by ETS for housing Server Hardware within the Engineering Datacenter on behalf of our Partners during the Service Term. Services not covered by this agreement fall outside the scope of support. Partners may adjust these responsibilities through a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


Amendment Process

Amendments to this agreement require a separate MOU, with director approval from ETS and Partner.

Termination Process

Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notification to the other party ninety (90) days in advance of termination.

ETS Provides

Infrastructure Support


Server Space

Datacenter Services

Ongoing Support


Partner Expectations

Computer System Requirements

Risk Management

ETS reserves the right to remove Computer Systems that are out-of-compliance or pose an otherwise unnecessary risk to the safety, stability, or cybersecurity requirements of ETS, FSE, or ASU.

Service Availability

Electrical Power110v or 220v, 60hz standard US power grid24×7
UPSUninterruptable Power Supply (backup power)30 minutes
Climate ControlAir-cooled building space24×7
NetworkConnection to LAN, Internet24×7
Physical AccessDirect access to Datacenter24×7
PersonnelDatacenter Manager or another designeeM-F, 8-5PM

Contact ETS

All incidents and requests should be reported using the ETS contact information. Upon receipt, ETS will determine request severity and communicate this to the Partner. ETS will provide updates to Partner until the incident is resolved.