Scheduling Rooms via Outlook

Outlook Room Scheduling Instructions


Select the Calendar tab located at the bottom of the Outlook interface.

On the bottom left side, select the calendar for the room you wish to book. Note that you can select multiple calendars to easily compare availability. Each date on the calendar is represented by a box with appointments arranged top-down in chronological order. You can mouse-over appointments to get more details.

Double-click on the empty part of the box to open the blank event planner dialog. Double-clicking on an appointment will modify that appointment.

In a blank event planner dialog, inside the Subject box, declare the purpose of your reservation along with the organizer’s contact details. A typical appointment follows the format:


Deselect the “All day event” checkbox (even if your event does run all day) and input the time you wish to reserve the room for. Double-check to ensure you are not scheduling an appointment that conflicts with others. If possible, allow for a  30 minute buffer between appointments.

Click the Save icon at the top of the dialog to save your appointment.

To cancel a conference room booking: You must be in your calendar. Find the booking and click on the event. Choose one of the following methods to cancel (delete) the item:


Open your Outlook calendar

Click the Delete button on the Standard toolbar.

Press Ctrl+D.

Choose Delete from the Edit menu.

Right click the calendar item, then choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

If you delete a calendar item that is part of a recurring series, you will see the following message: “Do you want to delete all occurrences of the recurring meeting, or just one?” Choose whether you want to delete the entire series or just the selected occurrence, and then click OK. A window will open that will ask you to Send cancellation and delete meeting or delete without sending. ALWAYS choose the Send optionTo modify a conference room booking: You must be in your calendar. Find the booking and double click on the event. Make any changes to date and time and click on Send Update. This will update your calendar and the room calendar. You will receive an email message that your update has been accepted or declined.