Guide: SalesForce Ticket

Submit a SalesForce Ticket by going to

SalesForce is used for Students attending classes

Login with your ASURite credentials:

A screenshot of the ASU login window. Text reads "Sign In". Below are two text form fields. The top one is labeled "ASURITE User ID" an next to it is a link to activate or request an ID. The bottom one is labeled "Password". To the right is a link "Forgot ID/password?". Below is a Sign In button and a check box labeled "Remember my user ID".
Under these is the link and phone number to the Help Center.

After logging in, go to the “Service Center” tab:

A screenshot of after you have logged in. on this page there is a bar at the top with 5 selections. The third selection is "Service Center". It is highlighted and an arrow points from it to a button labeled "New Case".

Click on “new case” then provide as much info as possible pertaining to the details of your request (below):

A screenshot of the window provided after clicking on the "New Case" button. There is a text field to enter a subject and below is a text field for you to enter a description. The text below those reads "Attachments can be uploaded once the case has been created. Responses to your case will be sent to your official ASU email or the email account you are forwarding your ASU email to." Below is a button that says "Submit". There is a notice written in red on the right that reads, "Note: When submitting a new case, please provide as much info as possible. Info such as:
-Which building?
-What room number?
-Is this a hardware issue or a software issue?
-What hardware is failing?
-What software is failing?
-What is happening?
-What is abnormal behavior?
-Any error codes?
-Any pop-ups?
-Can you give us a screenshot?
-Can the problem be recreated?"

Click on “submit” to send your request ticket in.