Technology & Equipment Procurement, Security Reviews

Capital Equipment

Capital equipment is purchased equipment with a unit cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life equal or greater than 1 year. Fabricated equipment with a finished product cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life equal or greater than 1 year can also be considered capital equipment. When budgeting these costs in a proposal and for questions, please contact your school’s Research Administrator or Capital Equipment page for more information.

When you are ready to purchase capital equipment, please contact your School’s IT Team and business office for more information on the purchasing guidelines and potential renovations.

Surplus Property

All ASU capital assets that have been retired and are no longer needed by the university beyond its useful lifespan are sold at monthly surplus property auctions.

Some of the assets include the following:

The surplus property is sold in person but allows for viewing both in person and online.

For more information about Surplus Property, visit ASU’s Property Surplus home page. For general questions and assistance, please email [email protected].

Computer Standards – Exception Process

The Fulton school or unit business office is the sole authority for placing orders for IT hardware on behalf of ASU regardless of the source of funding. All IT hardware purchases must have full approval and authorization prior to requisitioning and be inventoried prior to deployment. School IT Teams can be contacted under the About menu.

In some circumstances, especially specific to research computing, higher-end systems might be required. The school’s information technology team will work with researchers to provide recommendations for high-end systems that might require increased CPU speed, additional memory, additional storage, and GPU compute capabilities.

More details specific to the Fulton Schools process can be found on the FSE Computer Standards page.

Technology Security Review

A security review (FSE Security Review) must be completed for all technology that is installed, used or purchased with few exceptions. Each school’s IT Manager is responsible for generating FSE Security Reviews for technology acquisitions. It is essential to start the security review process early. IT Managers can be found under the About > School IT Teams menu.

Engineering Technical Services is available for assistance to you or your school IT manager throughout the entirety of the process and to manage Governance, Policy, and Information Security (GPIS) Lite or Full Security Reviews.

To learn more about FSE Security Reviews in the Fulton Schools visit the FSE Security Review page.

To learn more about Security Reviews at ASU visit the ASU GetProtected website.