Software & Collaboration Tools



Abaqus is a computer-aided design software suite used to model and analyze engineering project components. It allows its users to visualize and tweak a design before the final product is developed.

Faculty and staff who are interested in the Research Edition of Abaqus will need to request access at the Fulton Schools of Engineering Software Licensing page. For more information on Abaqus, please visit this page or this one.


Ansys is an engineering simulation and 3D design software used for product modeling. It allows its users a means of digital exploration through the implementation of electronic prototypes.

Faculty and staff who are interested in the Research Edition of Ansys must request a license from the Fulton Schools of Engineering Software Licensing page. For more information on Ansys, please visit this page or this one.


LabVIEW is a systems engineering software used to design smart machines, industrial equipment, and more. It provides a complex graphical interface that allows its users to visualize hardware configurations, data measurements, and logic diagrams.

LabVIEW is available for download on workstations through Software Center. Faculty and staff may also access LabVIEW with their ASURITE account through MyApps @ ASU. For those interested in learning more about LabVIEW, please visit the National Instruments home page.


TecPlot is a computational fluid dynamics and numerical simulation software package used in post-processing simulation results. It allows users to acquire data sets, automate work flows, and visualize parametric results.

TecPlot 360 is available to download on workstations through Software Center. For more information visit the TecPlot home page.


MatLAB, or “Matrix Laboratory,” is a computer-aided design program used to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The software is directed towards scientists and engineers to provide a wide variety of applications including deep learning, machine learning, communications, testing and measurement, computational finance, and more.

Faculty and staff may access MatLAB through Software Center; however, MatLAB can also be accessed via MyApps @ ASU. For more information visit the MatLAB home page.

Office 365

Office 365 is a software suite that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

Faculty and staff may access the software on any ASU machine through Software Center. Office 365 can also be accessed through MyApps @ ASU. For more information on Microsoft Office, their home page can be accessed here.

Qualtrics Survey

Qualtrics is a cloud-based software used to create, distribute, and analyze survey data and results.

Faculty, staff and students can access Qualtrics and find out more information by visiting ETS Qualtrics. Qualtrics documentation and how-to articles can be found at

Software @ ASU (MyApps)

Most software offered by ASU can be accessed via MyApps @ ASU. Users will be required to sign in using their ASURITE username and password upon accessing the page. From there, software can be searched for on the basis of keyword, platform, category, or access level.



Slack is a collaboration hub that enables real time communications and connections in a searchable platform. It provides a medium on which students can organize projects, share their passions, and much more.

Slack at ASU


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows for easy collaboration between students, professors, and staff. It provides both video call and screen sharing capabilities.

Zoom has limitations for some users (E.g. Zoom Gov is not supported at ASU). Use Teams as an alternative to Zoom in this case.

More info on Zoom.


Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat and video meetings between professors and staff. It provides both video call and screen sharing capabilities. Teams is available via Office 365 at the link below.

Microsoft Teams

ASU Library

OSF is a large, free platform that allows for the widespread public sharing of research. At, a library of numerous public ASU research documents that cover a wide range of topics are available.