The SCAI campus also has classrooms at TPS (The Polytechnic School) where the Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering program offices are based in Peralta Hall. In addition, engineering studios equipped with all sorts of tools allow students to work in teams on projects that help solve technological problems. Classrooms to accommodate business and computing, as well as many other subjects, are also in Peralta Hall.

Street Address

7171 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall

Mesa, AZ 85212

Building Codes


Classification: SCAI Open Space

Seating Capacity: 23

Usage: SCAI Students only

The classroom is located on the second floor of the Peralta Hall on ASU’s Polytechnic Campus. The room is open to SCAI students for use.

Reservations: Contact Carrie Clemens at [email protected]

Tech Data


4 PC Workstations

2 MAC Workstations