The ETS Onboarding program is a service provided by ETS for new IT Employees to help prepare them for their position and set them up for success. The program is customized to the role of the Employee, going into detail only where the Employee’s responsibilities require it, and otherwise just being an overview of services provided of relevance to the Employee. Onboarding should take place within the first two work weeks of the new hires start date, scheduled around the Employee and ETS’ availability (and through Skype, Teams or Zoom if preferred). The Onboarding program provides information on the following:

  • IT Organizational structure (including UTO, ETS, and Deskside IT Teams)
  • IT “Code of Ethics” at ASU
  • Services and roles that ETS, UTO, and Deskside IT Teams provide
  • Responsibilities of the Employee with using these services
  • Physical and system based access

The Employee will meet with representatives from multiple ETS Teams during the onboarding process. The following is a short summary of ETS’s Teams and the services they provide:

Clients Orchestration:

  • Maintains Windows & Apple Classrooms and Labs in collaboration with each Schools’ IT/Lab Managers and Faculty.
  • Support includes Hardware Servicing & Upgrades, Application Packaging, Deployment Planning, and responding to Service Requests.

Systems Orchestration:

  • Provides Windows, Apple, & iOS System Management services like OS Deployments, Security Policies), Patching, Inventory, Reporting, Asset Management, and Antimalware Protection
  • Works with UTO to provide Directory services, Storage (locally and Dropbox), and SharePoint Collaboration services
  • Provides support for all Applications and Services (Cloud or Hosted) — including Purchasing support, Security Reviews, Licensing and License Managers, Deployment, Monitoring, and Usage Metering. Also provides Enterprise SQL services

Linux Desktop Support:

  • Provides Linux systems support and installation for individual desktops
  • Maintains Linux systems in Labs in collaboration with each Schools’ IT/Lab Managers and Faculty
  • Provides System Management services for Linux systems, including Patching, Application Deployment, Usage Metering, and Multiple OS Support

Web Development:

  • Provides technology solutions and support for Engineering ranging from Customized Web Applications to Third Party Cloud-based solutions
  • Provides Business Process Improvement support

Server Virtualization & Security Response:

  • Provides Virtual Servers that are used to support research, classroom instruction, and Infrastructure support systems. Virtual Servers may be local or cloud based
  • Provides Security Incident management and tracks Security Vulnerabilities across network