Onboarding Fulton IT Employees

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Managers start here.

Kick-off onboarding

Let ETS know about your new employee by filling out this intake form once your new employee has accepted the job offer. This will serve as a signal for ETS to initiate the onboarding program. The program begins with a welcome message and presentation slide deck, followed by one-on-one orientation sessions led by members of ETS.

Customize the checklist

Use this checklist as an aid during the hiring process. The checklist covers things you may want to consider prior to and during your employee’s first week on the job.

Personalize your training

While the ETS Onboarding Program is applicable to all IT positions throughout FSE, each position requires a degree of on-the-job training that only you can provide as a manager. Preparing yourself with training is crucial to your new employee’s success.

New IT employees start here.

Orientation slide deck

New employee onboarding starts off with a brief presentation. This training provides an overview of the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE), the School IT Teams, Enterprise Technology, and Engineering Technical Services (ETS) and how they all work together.

One-on-one training

New employees get invited to participate in several orientation sessions conducted by key ETS staff members, customized to meet the unique requirements of each role.

Reference materials

Get to know the IT support staff throughout Fulton Schools of Engineering with a Staff Directory.

Access a curated list of the most important resources applicable to every new IT employee at Fulton Schools.

What is the IT Onboarding Program?

The Fulton Schools IT Onboarding program is a service provided by ETS to help prepare new IT employees for success in their new roles within Fulton. This program is designed to take place during the first two weeks of the new employee’s start date. The content is customized to each role, while including several standard materials such as a presentation and resource list. After your new employee completes the initial orientation slide deck (within the first couple of days on the job), several members of ETS will schedule meetings based on the employee’s availability. In these sessions, team members will personally welcome your new recruit and orient them to the IT framework at Fulton.

The IT Onboarding Program covers the following:

During the onboarding process, the employee will meet with representatives from ETS who will provide details on the following areas of responsibility:

Clients Orchestration

Systems Orchestration

Linux Desktop Support

Web Development

Server Virtualization & Security Response