Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Engineering Technical Services

Docuware is a major Fulton Schools of Engineering initiative to transition existing documents and associated workflows into a secure digital repository, while simultaneously increasing efficiencies within various business units.  Docuware also allows for quick retrieval of documents by various search criteria.

The project is currently being piloted and rolled out to select departments with the goal of widespread adoption in the 2016-2017 time-frame.   Current example processes being transitioned into Docuware include the Fulton Promotion process and departmental purchasing approval along with associated workflows.

Workflows that are candidates for transition into Docuware include any linear, document-centric processes that are currently being done manually, or by usage of a combination of existing but differing set of technologies.  Docuware supports workflow tasks such as stamping of documents, communication of document status via e-mail, and combining documents together into packages.  Docuware is completely web-based and integrates with existing workflow within Outlook.