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Abaqus For Research


Note: the Abaqus Teaching Edition is available in several classrooms and computer labs free of charge.

Engineering Technical Services currently offers Abaqus Research Edition on a Pay-as-you-Go basis. ASU faculty and students that wish to use the Abaqus Research Edition license will first need to register at to gain access to the license server. The Abaqus billing rate is created around an average determined from the previous year usage. Billing will be performed on an quarterly basis starting in January 2020. The cost to users will be based upon overall shared usage from all users during the previous year. To help determine what your cost may be, for 2019 Abaqus was determined to have an average cost of $.45/hour usage. You should use this number for the anticipated cost for 2020.

All applications in the Abaqus Academic Research Suites are licensed with Interactive Seats and Execute Tokens. Interactive Seats are used for all product graphical user interfaces (GUIs) such as Abaqus/CAE, Isight Design & Runtime Gateways, and the fe-safe GUI. Exactly one Interactive Seat is checked out each time a product GUI is executed. Execute Tokens are used for computational analysis and workflow execution. The number of Execute Tokens checked out depends upon the products and workflows being executed, as well as the number of processors being used (parallel processing) to reduce runtimes.

Execute tokens for Abaqus simulations

Here are some guidelines for Abaqus token and license configurations that may help estimate usage.

The table below shows the number of analysis tokens required to execute Abaqus analysis jobs according to functionality and the number of processors used. For co-simulations, such as Fluid-Structure Interaction between Abaqus/Standard or Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/CFD, two solver jobs are running at the same time, so tokens are required for both as noted in the bottom two rows of the table.

The account billing for each quarter of Abaqus Research license usage is calculated using the Abaqus license usage tool to produce a summary of hours used that is calculated form the actual Abaqus log files from the license server for each active username.