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Overleaf is a powerful online platform that allows researchers to collaborate in real-time on the writing and editing of research documents. It boasts a user-friendly interface and many innovative features, including automatic version control and easy document sharing. Overleaf is an essential tool for researchers looking to work together and share ideas seamlessly, regardless of their location. Researchers can easily keep track of changes to their work, avoid conflicting edits, and prevent the risk of losing valuable research data.

In a recent collaboration, Fulton Schools of Engineering, Knowledge Enterprise, W.P. Carey School of Business, and The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences secured funding to provide Overleaf access to the entire ASU research community, including faculty, students, and staff. This strategic partnership positions ASU as the first institution in Arizona with such an agreement. The subscription partnership with Overleaf is a significant development to enhance research collaborations and document editing for researchers, furthering innovation across ASU. Multi-unit collaboration such as this helps ASU facilitate interdisciplinary research that benefits the entire community.

ASU researchers can create an Overleaf account for free by heading to the ASU Overleaf webpage.

Combining Accounts

For those who already have an Overleaf account, you can connect it to the ASU subscription by adding your ASU email to your Overleaf account. Refer to Overleaf’s joining directions for further details. If you recently paid for an active account and would like to seek reimbursement, you can submit a request via email to [email protected].