Google Storage Changes

Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite) is changing the allowed storage for educational institutions. As a result, the storage allotted to ASU will be significantly reduced. Starting on December 31, 2022, Faculty, Staff, Student Workers, and Retired Employees will get 20GB of storage and Students will get 5GB of storage.  

Migrating to Other Storage Locations

Your ASU Microsoft OneDrive account has a baseline capacity of 5TB with the option to increase upon request. If you prefer Dropbox, your ASU account allows for 1TB of storage.

For additional support making this transition, please reach out to the IT Team for your school.


How can I get more Google Storage space? 

Colleges, departments, or units can purchase an additional 10TB of Google Drive storage for $3,600 a year. If you are interested, please work with your unit leadership and send an email to [email protected].

Researchers may request an additional 250GB of Google Drive storage at no cost through Knowledge Enterprise.

As a researcher, where can I go for more information? 

You can head over to this informational article on the Research and Computing page Google Drive Storage Reduction Update or you can email [email protected]

Is ETS or FSE planning to pay for additional Google storage? 

At this point, there are no plans to purchase any additional central blocks of storage, however individual units may plan to purchase additional storage according to their unique situation. 

If a user is over the quota on December 31, what will happen to their data? 

According to Google, users will continue to be able to access all their data for the purposes of downloading or transferring. Users will still be able to receive emails, though email does count against the Google storage capacity. However, users will not be able to modify or upload to their Google Drive.   

Is there a way to see if I am close to the storage limit? 

While logged into your google account head over to the Google Drive Usage page. 

Can I add storage to my OneDrive? 

You can request to have your OneDrive storage increased by submitting a ServiceNow ticket.  

Is there more storage capacity available for teams? 

Yes, both OneDrive and Dropbox have 25TB available for teams. For support with OneDrive Team workspaces contact the ETS deskside IT team at [email protected] or submit a ServiceNow ticket

Where can I get more information? 

For more information, visit the article ASU Google Storage Changes on ServiceNow, which includes an additional FAQ.