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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a collaborative video conferencing tool that allows remote conferencing. Zoom provides quality audio, video, and screen sharing, which makes it great for conferencing, online lectures, collaborating on projects, and more. It is available University-wide for students, staff, and faculty and can be used more most needs allowing people to stay connected. For more information about Zoom, click here.

For additional resources on using Zoom for instructional purposes visit UTO’s page. There you can find documentation on frequently asked questions and other helpful resources for everyone.

Where to Download Zoom?

Zoom can be accessed across many devices and the following links will direct you to the different download pages or instructions on how to download it onto your devices!

If on an ASU affiliated device the Zoom can be downloaded from the Software Center.

  • Once Software Center is launched you can either search or look through the applications to find Zoom, visit the Software Center page for additional information.

A plugin for outlook can also be found in the Software Center.


Additionally to access the Download Center for Zoom click here where a list of different installation methods can be found.


Zoom Security-

New Security Features found on the toolbar for Hosts and Co-hosts: