VMware Inc. is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services.

Downloading VMWare

  • Navigate to https://fultonapps.asu.edu/elms
  • Log in with your ASURITE credentials (if not signed in already)
  • Select the VMware version necessary for your course or application
  • Proceed to checkout and installation.

VMware Availability

There are certain classroom machines that have the Linux VMware software already installed. A request will need to made by a professor if any other software is required. Click here to make a request. The classrooms that have Linux VMWare software available are:

  • Brickyard 214
  • Brickyard 215
  • ECG 115

*Students will have access to the student tab in the elms website and Faculty and Staff will have access to the Faculty/Staff tab.

VMware Installation Support

The on-campus tech studio can provide tech support on all four campus locations for Students and Faculty to stop by with any VMware installation support. Office hours and additional information can be found here.