Storage & Server On-Demand

Server-on-Demand | Overview

Engineering Technical Services (ETS) offers a cost-effective and reliable Virtual Machines (VM) based on the VMware vSphere Virtual Infrastructure suite. Server-on-Demand is intended to serve departments and research units for the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) with the benefits of server virtualization, including improved server reliability and availability, easier web-based VM administration, lower total operational cost, and a smaller carbon footprint through more efficient utilization of physical servers.

Available at the low cost of $600/1-vCPU VM/4GB/1 year, this model is a cost effective and manageable solution. The model uses virtualization software, with virtual private server hosting features for either a UNIX or Windows server environment. Additional vCPUs can be added at $150/vCPU (1, 2, 4 vCPUs configurations available) and additional memory can be added at $150/4GB (4, 8, 12, 16 and 32GB configurations are available). A 1-vCPU/4GB/1 year VM is available for Capstone, EPICS or FSE course instruction for the price of $275.

Lease and security policy changes, as of December 2019:

  • ETS will no longer provision new VMs for non-FSE customers.
    • ETS will continue to lease to current VM owners in good standing.
  • ETS will not directly renew VMs, FSE or non-FSE, that are out of security compliance but will evaluate on a one by one basis.
    • ETS may choose not to renew non-FSE VMs without customer-driven, satisfactory movement on remediation.
    • ETS reserves the right to suspend or disable VM access for non-complaint systems, FSE or non-FSE, per Server-On-Demand Memo of Understanding and Information Security Office policy.

You can request a server using our Server-on-Demand Request System at

Storage-On-Demand: the perfect complement to Server-On-Demand

Each 1-vCPU Virtual Machine (VM) comes with 50Gb of disk storage. Need more? Storage-on-demand is the perfect complement to server-on-demand. Storage can be purchased from UTO at the following rates:
Description Storage Service Tier 1 Storage Service Tier 2
Storage Type Data is encrypted while transmitting on off campus network. Data is encrypted while transmitting on off campus network.
Network Accessibility Open to campus network. SSLVPN is needed for off-campus use only. Open to campus network. SSLVPN is needed for off-campus use only.
Fee $900 per year or $1,500 per 5-year term. $400 per year or $875 per 5-year term.
Backup Customers decide the backup schedule. Snapshots are taken out of leased space. Customers restore their own files. Customers decide the backup schedule. Snapshots are taken out of leased space. Customers restore their own files.
Off Site storage 14 daily copies are kept at offsite location. A fee may be applied if customers request restore from Off Site. Only 1 (latest) copy is kept at offsite location. A fee may be applied if customers request restore from Off Site.
Outage response time Initial response to customers within 4 hours. Hardware issue will be resolved in one day. Initial response to customers within one business day (8am-5pm, M-F). Hardware issue may take up to a week.
Storage Request 1 business day response. 3 business days response.

Memo of Understanding

A sample copy of the Server-On-Demand Memo of Understanding (MOU) is available for review. This document outlines the management models, the services and the responsibilities of ETS (the sample pricing may not reflect your situation).

ETS priorities are directed to supporting our server-on-demand model and as a consequence ETS staff is not available for supporting independent distributed servers.

If you are interested in this new service or would like a 30-day trial run at no cost, please contact Denise Felsenthal at or 965-7872.

Common Features Benefit
Low Cost One-time initial cost of $600 for use of one virtual server (1-vCPU VM) for 1 year.
Fast Implementation We can have you up and running the same day. Sometimes, depending on configuration, within an hour of the request.
Dedicated Server Separate dedicated virtual machines offering full security, customization, and control.
Fault Resistant Automatic VM fail over. A crash or lock-up on one virtual server has no impact on the others.
Grant Equipment & Auditable
Backup Management Disaster recovery and enterprise data backup capabilities.
Self-Service & Customizable Add/remove applications and other resources as needed.
Personalized Support & Service Server-on-demand is easy to use. Our responsive systems support staff are experts and are available to answer questions. Just enter a service request online and your request with be handled within 24 hours during business days.
High Performance, Scalable Your site or application will receive a guaranteed allocation of resources. You are running on an extremely powerful server that is dual core xeon processor blade technology which is highly redundant, available and scalable. (Not intended for computationally intensive parallel processing tasks–see ASU Research Computing.)

UNIX Server-On-Demand

The UNIX server-on-demand system is well suited for researchers requiring rapid web implementation services as well as a dynamic set up to utilize their research applications and tools. It also benefits software developers, who need a sophisticated computing environment, but at a lower cost and without having to own their hardware to achieve total control. The server-on-demand system is an ideal support tools complement to the ASU Research Computing in its broad capabilities. Each 1-vCPU virtual server is provisioned with a base configuration of Apache Red Hat Linux, Apache Web Server and mySQL software. Other software can be added as needed or requested. Below are some of the features and benefits of this new environment.

UNIX Features Benefit
Integrated Web Server You have complete control of one instance of the Apache Web Server (the cost for more instances negotiable).
Features for Programmers Benefit
Root Access and Local Administration For complete control, use SSH to securely administer your server. Manage users and access control yourself.
Integrated Web Server You have complete control of an instance of the Apache Web Server.
Integrated Database Servers Control of your own private instance of the MySQL database server
Customized Environment Deploy your own application servers, database servers, or other Linux approved software components.

Contacting the SOD Team

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