ETS Server on Demand Offerings

ETS Server on Demand Offerings

The ETS SoD environment is no longer accepting requests for new VMs. We are working with UTO to migrate all ETS SoD VMs to AWS.
Below is a list of University offerings for groups looking for Virtual Machines:

The first option is leasing a VM via the ServiceNow cloud portal, discussed at the ITC meeting on 6/10/21. The recording of that presentation can be found below:
ITC Meeting (06 / 10 / 2021)

To gain access to the ASU ServiceNow | Cloud Portal , you’ll need to “Request a cloud management resource group” It will ask for a Billing cost center and program code which you’ll have to provide. There will be a list of financial approvers to approve your choice (and hopefully help you find the right account if you cannot)

Another option is to request an Amazon account in the ASU Org. This option is a bit more hands on, as one can choose any OS available and the owner is responsible for patching, backing up, and other maintenance.
The ServiceNow catalog item is provided via the link below:
AWS Account Creation | ServiceNow

A third choice is an offering by Research Computing to the University Community. Information about their VM offerings can be found below:
Services and Pricing Structure – Research Computing – ASU Research Computing Confluence.