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Softare Licenses


Applications and software tools available from ETS are covered under license agreements with the appropriate companies. These licenses may allow for single-use, multi-use, site or campus-wide distribution. A link to the list of available software is available at the bottom of this page.


In order to protect our software vendor copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights, ETS must ensure that all software within the Fulton School of Engineering is properly licensed.


If you use all or part of any software program on a university owned computer you are required to properly license the software. This includes any program that can be distributed to other people and is true whether the product will be sold, used internally, or given away. This applies to software intended for educational purposes and personal use. This holds true for old, new, and future software products.


We license our software in order to protect our legal responsibilities to software developers. Virtually all software is copyrighted, and it is illegal for anyone to redistribute it without a license. The university and Fulton School of Engineering are ultimately responsible for promoting authorized software distribution, however, we rely upon each computer user within this institution to ensure they are abiding by governing regulations set forth by the software manufactures.

If there is any confusion as to agreements we currently have with our numerous software vendors, please contact Denise Felsenthal.


Engineering Technical Services, as well as other ASU colleges and departments, may enter into a site license, volume purchase or educational discount agreement with a variety of software vendors to provide reduced pricing to the Fulton School of Engineering community. ETS has purchased and maintains a number of college-wide site license products for the Fulton School of Engineering. Some of these products have been acquired with Information Technology or other departments. Products can have different eligibility, licensing terms, hardware requirements and installation procedures. Some products can be self-installed others can be installed via ETS software delivery. This list includes products that are fully supported by ETS and also includes software available for use only through the Central College Systems.

For more information on Fulton School of Engineering Software Licensing, contact Denise Felsenthal.