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What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration platform that allows users to communicate with each other remotely. Its features include channels for specific categories (i.e. projects, teams, clients), video chat, voice chat, file sharing, and more. Slack also has a library of over 1,500 applications, such as Google Drive, that can be integrated within a workspace. For more information on Slack, visit the home page.

Where to download Slack?

Slack is accessible on many different platforms and the following links will direct you to the different download pages or instructions on how to download it onto your devices!

If on an ASU affiliated device the Slack can be downloaded from the software center.

  • Once Software Center is launched you can either search or look through the applications to find Slack, visit the Software Center page for additional information.

Additionally you can also access Slack using a Browser, Mobile Device, or the Desktop Client. To access Slack from your Browser click here.


Understanding Slack at ASU


Switching Workspaces

Getting to the Engineering Workspace:

Select ASU Engineering if accessing Slack through the browser

If on the desktop Client or on mobile you may be directed into a workspace when logging in for the first time. If that is the case, then you may need to change your workspace manually as seen in the images below


Knowing when to have a channel over a workspace:

Workspace requests are focused more towards individual courses. Course workspaces are created at the same time as the Canvas course. Upon creation, there will be an option to checkbox whether or not the workspace was set up at the same time as the Canvas course. Please refer to the additional resources on the sidebar for requesting a workspace for your Canvas course if you have further questions. Most requests for a workspace within Engineering will result in a channel or groups of channels that will be a part of the Engineering Workspaces at ASU. Within the Engineering Workspace there is a focus in providing new channels, user groups, and applying membership changes.

To make requests for a workspace visit service now.

  • Reference the tutorial on the sidebar under Slack Requests or click here.

To make requests for a channel, usergroup, or membership changes visit service now.

  • Reference the tutorial on the sidebar under Slack Requests or click here.

Additional Resources: