Renovation & Construction

Renovation & Construction Projects

Depending on the scope of your job, we may be able to use the Fulton Schools’ in-house Structures Shop for the construction. If your job does not fall within our parameters we can coordinate your job with the ASU university group responsible for renovations (Capital Programs Management Group – CPMG, etc.). The renovations process has many steps that must be adhered to to meet building safety and University construction codes, so we strongly suggest you contact us for all of your renovation projects.

To get started, we ask that you document some preliminary information we need to plan your project. Download a New Lab Specifications Request, please fill it out as best you can, then email it to Cary Stoneman. This is a preliminary document to give a basic idea of your requirements. Cary Stoneman will follow up with you after receiving this document to plan the details.

Note: The process outlined below is for renovation jobs requiring construction. Departments are responsible for initiating, funding, and tracking their own non-construction improvement requests.

Project Types

Job TypeSmall Construction, No Engineering RequiredMedium Construction, Engineering RequiredLarge Construction, Engineering Required
Typical JobSmall jobs require no engineering and can be designed by ETS to obtain building permits.Small jobs, such as: adding or deleting doorways, moving a wall or two, adding compressed air outlets or minor plumbing hookups. Note that no electrical circuits changes can be considered for small jobs as it requires design and stamped engineering diagrams.Construction labor is typically only the ETS Structures Shops managed by ETS.Typically office and small dry lab areas.Medium jobs require some level of engineering, using either in-house staff or outside firms.Engineering is generally required when the capacity of a system must be increased to the area, such as adding more electrical power or A/C to the room or changes to the fire sprinkler system.Construction labor is in house- generally some combination of ETS Structures shop and University Facman services, managed by ETS.Typically larger dry labs, computational labs, small wet labs and center office remodels.Large jobs usually require architectural design as well as systems engineering by outside firms. CPMG provides a project manager to coordinate all team members and handle all purchasing for the project. ETS oversees the work to meet project goals and coordinates with building occupants.Must use an outside contractor to perform the work.Typically all wet labs and large area renovations (>1000 sf) fall in this catagory.
Scope LimitsConstruct, move walls. Asbestos abatement. Minimal A/C work. Minimal Plumbing.Everything in small jobs plus: HVAC rework. Adding electric circuits. New or relocated electrical panels. Add or relocate fire sprinklers. Plumbing for sinks and hoods. New ceilings. Fire safety systems.Anything
Cost Limits<$10K total labor costs ~ <$40K total job size<$25K total labor costs limited by state law. ~ <$100K total job costs.No limit. Needs much longer time frames for planning and approvals. If funding is from bonds, requires ABOR approval before construction can begin.
Estimated Time1-3 months from project initiation.4-9 months from project initiation.1+ yr after project initiation.