International Collaboration & Engagement

International Engagement

Please visit this site for a list of resources with comprehensive information on international collaboration and engagement.

International Development at ASU gives students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to develop groundbreaking solutions both as a key facilitator and partner. ASU also provides international development agencies with access to the university’s wealth of knowledge and expertise for global projects. Follow the link below to learn more about international development and how it impacts ASU.

Visit the International Development page for more information.

International Collaborations and Travel

Collaborations provide opportunities for sharing information and foreign travel in some instances. It is important to understand export control regulations and travel restrictions when facilitating collaborations with foreign entities. Please visit this site for more information.

Conducting Business Internationally

ASU has developed this site to help identify some of the complexities of doing business internationally, which can present challenges as it relates to contracting, operations, appropriate planning for expenses, etc.