Consulting & IT Support

Research Computing

Research Computing provides large-scale computational resources and consulting services to students, faculty, staff and collaborators for effective research.

To learn more visit Research Computing.

ETS – System Administration and Security

The Engineering Technical Services department uses tools such as SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), JAMF, and Ansible to secure and administer systems on Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms. They are system management tools for large groups of devices (Desktops, Laptops, Lab/Classroom systems, Servers, and Smartphones/Tablets).

SCCM provides management and reporting for endpoints such as vulnerability mitigations, application and OS deployment services, and other utilities.

JAMF allows for administration from a Web-based interface for managing settings and software deployment for MacOS based devices.

Ansible is an open source IT automation engine that provides provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment.

For more information on ASU security standards visit getprotected.

Please refer to your Schools IT department for any additional information.

School IT Team – Equipment Quotes

The Fulton school or unit business office is the sole authority for placing orders for IT hardware on behalf of ASU regardless of the source of funding. All IT hardware purchases must have full approval and authorization prior to requisitioning and inventoried prior to deployment. School IT Teams can be contacted under the About menu. More details specific to the Fulton Schools process can be found on the FSE Computer Standards page.

Fulton departments may initiate the ASU supplier registration process by sending the supplier the appropriate registration link, which can be found on the ASU Business and Finance Procurement page. See also the Procurement Guide.

School IT Team – Security Reviews

A security review (FSE Security Review) must be completed for all technology that is installed, used or purchased with few exceptions. Each school’s IT Manager is responsible for generating FSE Security Reviews for technology acquisitions. It is essential to start the security review process early. IT Managers can be found under the About > School Teams menu.

Engineering Technical Services is available for assistance to you or your school IT manager throughout the entirety of the process and to manage Governance, Policy, and Information Security (GPIS) Lite or Full Security Reviews.

To learn more about FSE Security Reviews in the Fulton Schools visit the FSE Security Review page.

To learn more about Security Reviews at ASU visit the ASU Get Protected website.