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Conference Room Scheduling

Terms and Conditions:


  • For conference room reservations, contact Engineering Technical Services at 965-2005 or stop by the main office in GWC 177 (Goldwater Building).
  • Schedule meeting using Outlook (Scheduling instructions).
  • Each reservation requires professor or departmental approval and they will assume responsibility for use of the room.
  • All reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. In order to provide optimum availability, rooms should be reserved for the actual amount of time needed: ie. hourly, half day, full day, etc.
  • Conference rooms are unlocked during the normal working hours of 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.
  • User, department or faculty is responsible for seeing that room is returned to its original setup and a clean condition.
  • Conference rooms are not to be used as classrooms unless approved by Engineering Dean’s Office.



ERC 490  
36 chairs lecture style  
16 tables  
1 electric screen  
1 desk w/tabletop wood podium  
2 overheads  
ceiling mounted Proxima  
 ISTB1 227  
 32 chairs conference style  
 1 conference table  
 2 rectangle tables  
 1 white board  
 electric screen  
 ceiling-mounted Proxima  
 podium and phone (7-4227)  
GWC 487  
53 chairs lecture style  
18 small rectangle tables  
1 speaker table with 2 chairs  
1 electric screen  
3 white boards  
ceiling-mounted Proxima  
3M overhead projector on cart