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Microsoft To-Do

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a planner application that allows users to keep track of their daily tasks. Plans can be shared across all devices, at any time, with anyone. Users can also break tasks down into multiple steps, add due dates, and set reminders to stay on track. For more information on Microsoft To-Do, click here.

How do I start using To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a free application available on nearly every device. To download it, refer to the links provided below.

To-Do for Windows
To-Do for Mac
To-Do for Android
To-Do for iOS

Once you have downloaded the application, sign in with your Microsoft account to start creating plans!

Tips and Tricks

How do I make a list with To-Do?

To create a list, simply select the “+ New List” button from the bottom left of the main dashboard. From there, you will be prompted to name your list. To add items to your newly created list, select the “+ Add a Task” button in the bottom left of the list view menu. Please refer to the screenshots below.

How do I set deadlines for my tasks?

After you have created a list, you can set a deadline for a task by selecting it from list view and choosing a due date using the calendar icon. You can also set reminders, add files, and assign tasks to individuals in the same window. Please refer to the screenshot below.


Configuring Multiple Accounts

If you are interested in linking more than one account to To-Do, please click here. This is perfect for managing personal and work related tasks all in one place.

Linking Outlook and Planner Tasks

If you are interested in linking your Microsoft Outlook tasks or flagged emails to To-Do, please click here.

If you are interested in linking your Microsoft Planner tasks to To-Do, please click here.

List Sharing and Steps in To-Do

When sharing lists, anyone with a Microsoft account can join and edit the list. This is perfect for working on tasks with colleagues or planning a trip with a significant other.

Complex tasks can also be broken up into smaller steps that are easier to manage.

For more information, click here.

My Day and Suggestions

To-Do offers a feature, My Day, that allows users to prioritize tasks each day. For more information on how to customize My Day, please click here.

To-Do also allows Android users to add a My Day widget to the home screen of their smart phone. For more information, please click here.