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Microsoft Teams Shifts

What is Microsoft Teams Shifts

Shifts is a schedule management tool, allowing you to make, manage, and organize schedules for your team. Features include scheduling, day notes, shift requests, and time clock. For more information on Shifts, click here.

How to use Microsoft Teams Shifts

Shifts can be used for every team that a user is a part of however, only one schedule can be used per team. Additionally, the only user who can create a new schedule is the team owner. More information can be found on the right-hand side under the How to use Shifts in your Team toggle.


Once the schedule is created a user can switch between their different teams by location the menu-bar in the top left of the window. A list of their teams that have a schedule will appear. Allowing them to easily move between different schedules.

As seen in the image below, on the right-hand side there is a toolbar section that gives the user some options. A user can swap between seeing the schedule by day, week, and month. Print grants some utility into how to scale the schedule. The filter option allows a user to toggle and select other users when in the team view. Finally, the view has a personal view and the team view for quick access and some other options such as showing the schedule by shift or by people.

Using the clock in feature allows the user to select which shift they want to clock in for, this feature can be done both on desktop and mobile. It also allows you to quickly go on break and clock out at the end of the shift. For more information about how to use the clocking feature please click here.

Additionally, as mentioned Shifts is available on mobile and offers a concise layout. If using the mobile version of teams, Shifts can be added to the navbar or can found by looking in the ellipses. It also promptly displays all of your teams and allows you to view all of the users shifts, launch shifts, manage requests and allows the user to view shifts for each independent team.

Lastly is the request section, this function allows a user to do one of three things. First request time off, secondly swap, and lastly offer.

  • Request Time off as shown in the image allows a user to set a start and end date for the time off a reason and an additional note.

  • Swap allows users to trade a shift if both members agree, it gives users flexibility if something were to come up.

  • The offer option lets a user give another a shift that they will not be able to make or if someone else needs the hours.


How to add Shifts to a Team

Shifts should be found on the left-hand navigation tool. If Shifts is not located there, it can be found under the ellipses and then under more apps. For more information on how to add Shifts to Teams please click here.

How to use Shifts in your Team

Shifts is a management tool with many different utilities for more information on features that can be found on Shifts and how they can be used please click here.