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Microsoft Sway

What is Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is an application from Microsoft Office free for anyone with a Microsoft Account. Sway’s main function is to create and share interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, portfolios and stories.

Sway has a built-in design engine takes care of making your creation look its best. No formatting is needed, if the initial design doesn’t quite match your taste or mood, you can easily apply another — or fully customize your layout to make it your own.

For more information on Microsoft Sway visit the home page.

How to download Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is accessible on many different platforms and the following links will direct you to the different download pages or instructions on how to download it onto your devices!

If on an ASU affiliated device the Microsoft Sway can be downloaded from the software center.

  • Once Software Center is launched you can either search or look through the applications to find Sway, visit the Software Center page for additional information.

You can also access Sway using your ASU Office 365 account here.


How to Get Started in Sway

Start creating

You can create a new Sway from scratch, from content in an existing file, or from a topic.

  1. Select Get started.
  2. On the Welcome to Sway page, select one of the following:
    • Create New – to start from scratch.
    • Start from a topic – to have Sway provide base content for you. Type your topic in the Enter a topic box, and then select Create outline.

      Note: If Sway can’t find enough public data for the topic, Sway suggests related topics. Select the most relevant topic, and then select Create Outline.

    • Start from a document – to import content from an existing file. Browse to and select the file, and then select Open.

Tutorial for Microsoft Sway