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Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream (Stream) (goes to an external Microsoft link) is a video-sharing service used by corporations and is very similar to a Microsoft version of YouTube but with less video content that is more customizable to the needs of an organization. To see a video from Microsoft about Stream, visit this external YouTube link.

Stream is used for uploading videos, sharing videos, and watching videos. The prime intention of it is for use as a video hosting service. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutorial videos of how to do solve challenging problems that can be created and published by professors
  • Custom videos created by professors for use by their students
  • Employee training could be done by employees watching videos that were uploaded to Stream
  • Employees could use Stream to take courses on getting departmental certifications

The external links below are to Microsoft guides on how to use Stream and include the following topics:

For any other guides, visit the external link to a series of Microsoft guides on how to use Stream.

Stream can be access in one of the following ways (all external links redirect to Apple, Google, or Microsoft):

  • Website (click Sign in button and then type in your username in the following format:
  • iOS
  • Android