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Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner (Planner) (opens an external Microsoft link) is an application used for planning tasks, projects, and assignments. It is already included with the Office 365 suite of services that FSE affiliates (faculty, staff, and students) have access to. Updates for task(s) (if already configured) will be sent out to all of the people who access to it and/or are assigned to the task(s).

How to access Microsoft Planner

Planner can be accessed via the web (opens external Microsoft link) or via mobile apps: iOS or Android (opens external links to App Store and Play Store). Unfortunately, there is currently no desktop version at this time. If you would like to watch a video of how to sign in, refer to this link (external link from Microsoft).

How to create a plan
  • In the left pane, select New plan
  • While in the New plan window:
    • Create a plan name
    • Create a link for the plan if you wish to add it to an existing Office 365 group or create a new group for the specific plan
    • Choose whether or not you want to make the plan public (all organization members can view the plan) or private (only visible to plan members)
    • Choose a classification level to indicate the sensitivity level of the information
  • Click on Create plan

Screenshot of the New plan dialog box

How to add people to a plan
  • In the upper-right corner of the Planner window, select Members
  • Start typing in the name or email address of a person in the organization that you want to add to the plan
  • Click on the card of the person when it appears

Screenshot of the Members list when entering the name of a new plan member.

How to Setup Buckets for Tasks
  • Open the plan board
  • Click on Add new bucket located on the right of any preexisting buckets
  • Choose a name for the bucket and press Enter

Screenshot of the Add new bucket button in Planner

How to Change the Task Grouping
  • Click on Group by located by the upper-right corner of the plan board
  • Select Bucket, Assigned to, Progress, Due date, Labels, or Priority depending on the task grouping that you choose
  • NOTE: You will have to redo the task grouping every time that you exit out of the plan board so it is HIGHLY advised that you leave a browser tab open with the plan board if you do not want to have to reset the plan board every time upon exiting from it

Screenshot of the Group by drop-down in Planner, choosing Bucket

How to Add Tasks to a Plan
  • Click on + Add task under the bucket of where you would like to add a task
  • Note: By default, all new plans start with a To do bucket heading
  • Click on Enter a task name
  • Type in the name of the task
  • To adjust the details of the task, do one of the following:
    • Press Enter for creation of a task without a due date
    • Click on Set due date and click on a date for a task with a due date to be created

Screenshot of the Add task box in Planner

How to Create Multiple Tasks Quickly
  • Click on + Add task under the bucket heading of where you want to add a task
  • Click on Enter a task name
  • Type the name for each task and press Enter after each for creation of the tasks
How to Add Task Start and Due Dates
  • Click on the task to open the window for it
  • Click on Start anytime under Start date, and then choose a start date
  • Click on Due anytime under Due date, and then choose a start date
  • Click on Dismiss button to save and close the task window

Add a due date

How to Add Comments on a Task
  • Click on the task to open the task window
  • Click on Type your message here in the Comments section of the task window
  • Type in any comments that you want to for the task and click on Send

Screenshot of the Comments section of a Planner task

How to Add an Attachment to a Task
  • Click on the task to open the task window
  • Click on Add attachment
  • Click on File to attach a file that is locally stored, click on Link to use a link, or select SharePoint to attach a file stored in a SharePoint site
  • Click on the file that you want to attach, or enter the link
  • Note: When a file is being attached, the file can be uploaded to OneDrive for the specific plan, or can be looked for in OneDrive if it is already stored there. If the file isn’t on OneDrive for the specific plan, a link can be added for the attachment to be uploaded.

Screenshot of the Attachments area of a task window with the Attach list open.

How to View a Plan's Progress
  • Within Planner, each plan has a board and charts
  • The board allows for your team’s work to be organized for you to be able to see task details e.g. the task(s) assigned to people and task details
  • The charts show the progression of a plan including details about done tasks, those that are in progress, not started, and late
  • Choose Board or Charts located at the of the Planner window to switch between the different options

View your plan's progress

How to Get Email About Tasks and Due Dates
  • You will receive email notifications automatically when tasks are assigned to you, and an alert informing you of a due date/due dates.
  • To disable/enable the settings, do the following:
  • Click on the settings icon Settings icon located at the top right of the screen and then click on Notifications
  • While in the Notifications popup, click on any of the options for Planner to send you notifications for the following:
    • Someone assigns a task to me. (Email, Teams, and mobile push)
    • A task assigned to me is late, due today, or due in the next 7 days. (Email only)
  • Click on Save
How to setup your mobile apps
  • To download for iOS, click here (goes to external App Store link)
  • To download for Android, click here (goes to external Play Store link)
  • Note: If you would like further help with the iOS and/or Android mobile apps, visit the iOS guide and/or the Android guide (both links open to an external Microsoft site)