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Web Application Development


ETS provides custom database-driven web application development services for faculty and staff across the Fulton Schools of Engineering.  Using proven, robust and current technologies, we provide custom solutions for a wide range of needs.  Some of the solutions we provide and that are currently in use include:

Custom Workflow Applications

ETS Workflow applications support specific units and the workflow business rules that correspond to their specific needs.  Current clients include Machine Shop, Structure Shop, Electronics Shop, CSSER and SEMTE Work shop.   Typically, workflow applications allow for a submittal of a job/order and follow it through various queue stages until completion.  Workflow applications typically include e–mail communications flow on job status, tracking of hours by technicians, work logs, attachments, reports and any custom functionality required by the customer.

Advising Scheduling

Advising Scheduling is an example of a custom web application written specifically for Fulton Schools of Engineering Advisors.  Advisors use this tool to allow students to directly schedule appointments with advisors.

Online Scholarship Application

ETS has created and manages the graduate and undergraduate scholarship application process in coordination with Academic Affairs.

Student Evaluations

ETS manages and administers teaching evaluations through the calendar year.

Custom Web Surveys

ETS can create any type of survey you may require with any custom “rules” that might apply.  For example, you may require that only students with a certain acad plan be allowed to take a survey.   Another advantage of using ETS is that your survey data stays within ASU and students are required (normally) to logon via ASU webauth before taking a survey.  Surveys that are created are responsive, and are able to be taken across any platform from mobile phones to desktops.

Check-in/Card Swipe Applications

ETS has created and supports a variety of Checkin/Swipe applications which allow students to check in to a particular event or service.  Check-in applications allow customers to gather data on students with respect to a specific “event” or function.  Examples of check-in/swipe applications include Tutor Center checkin, Career Center Student Check in, Student Outreach Checkin and SEMTE machine shop Check in.