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RSVP Group Events Signup


Basic Feature Overview

Allows students to RSVP to an event which is defined for a certain day, time and location.  Advisors currently use this application to allow students to sign up for group advising sessions.  Multiple timeslots are supported for any date, and administrators may view reports and comments.

Features include:

  • Maximum signup limit for any timeslot
  • Custom text provided for info for each timeslot
  • Deadline date and time beyond which the signup timeslot is closed to further signups
  • Allows for student comments, with customized info wording, and if comments are required.
  • Allows for admins to proxy enter signups on behalf of students
  • Printout of comments and timeslot entries
  • Management interface to delete entries, contact student and view acad plan
  • Download all email addresses for a session

Current Customers

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computing, Informatics and Decision System Engineering