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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Engineering Technical Services

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New to Fulton Engineering?

Get started with key services:

  • ASURITE Activation: Your ASURITE user ID provides access to all online services at ASU
  • Help Center: ASU help center
  • My Apps: Software that the University Technology Office offers to the ASU community
  • My ASU: Get the latest information and access to key account services customized for you
  • Computer Security: Get protected against viruses and malware with tools and information
  • System Health: ASU Outages and Communications

Available Software

Microsoft software available to Faculty, Staff and Students

Faculty, Staff and enrolled students may download selected Microsoft software through the DreamSpark program.

Available Software: Students

All software available to students can be obtained using ASU’s “My Apps” website. In some cases, there will be files that you can save to your computer to use in installing the software on your machine.  In most cases, however, there will be no installer and you will run the software remotely from your computer.

View the COMPLETE LIST of available software.

ASU Computing Policies

ASU has several policies governing the use of its computers and equipment.  Some of the most important are: