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Computerized instructional lab services (Windows)


Building & RoomClassificationHoursRestrictionsA/VHardware
BYENG Laptop CartClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE Engineering Students42 Windows Laptops
BYENG 209ClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE Engineering StudentsProjector, Video Conferencing Equipment24 Windows Laptops
BYENG 210ClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE ClassroomProjector, Video Conferencing Equipment1 Windows Desktop
BYENG 214Computer Lab24/7CIDSE students onlyTeam tables, BYOD stations50 Windows with Linux VM; 14 Mac's
BYENG 215Computer Lab24/7CIDSE Specific Course Requirements2 BYOD Stations22 Windows with Linux VM
BYENG 215aCapstone Room24/7CIDSE Capstone Course Only3 Windows Desktops, 3 Macs
BYENG 217Computer Lab24/7CIDSE Specific Course Requirements4 BYOD Stations28 Linux Desktops
BYENG 217Network Lab/Cisco24/7CIDSE Courses4 Network Lab stations
BYENG 222ClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE ClassroomProjector23 Windows Desktops
BYENG 361ClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE ClassroomProjector31 Windows Desktops
BYENG 387Computer Lab7-10CIDSE Specific Course RequirementsProjector15 Windows Desktops
BYENG M1-11ClassroomClass time onlyCIDSE ClassroomProjector51 Windows/Mac dual boot
BYENG M1-09ClassroomClass Time OnlyCIDSE ClassroomProjector1 Windows Desktop
BYENG Virtual Lab24/7CIDSE Students Only40 Virtual Windows Desktops
CAVC 451Classroom Class time onlySEBE Students OnlyProjector, Linked Flat Screen TV’s, team tables9 Windows Desktops
CAVC 533ClassroomClass time onlySEBE Students OnlyProjector40 Windows Desktops
CAVC 535ClassroomClass time onlySEBE Students OnlyProjector, linked Flat screen TV's, team tables9 Windows Desktops
Centerpoint 114Tutoring LabM-F: 8-6CIDSE Engineering Students4 Windows; 2 Macs
ECF 120ClassroomClass time onlyAll Engineering Classroom useProjector1 Instructor Desktop, 20 Windows Laptops
ECF 122ClassroomClass time onlyAll Engineering Classroom useProjector1 Instructor Desktop, 20 Windows Laptops
ECG 140ClassroomClass time onlyAll Engineering Classroom useProjector1 Instructor Desktop; 20 Windows Laptops
ECG 141ClassroomClass time onlyAll Engineering Classroom useProjector1 Instructor Desktops; 20 Windows Laptops
ECG150 eSpaceOpen LabM-F: 9-5
S-Su: 1-5
All Engineering Students23 Windows with Linux VM, 2 Laptops
ECG LaptopsOpen Study AreaM-Th: 8-9
F: 8-5
All Engineering Students16 Windows Laptops for checkout
ERC 512Computer Lab24/7 Restricted AccessElectrical Engineering Power Systems Students Only20 Windows Desktops
GWC 221ClassroomClass time onlyElectrical Engineering Lab Students OnlyProjector9 Windows Desktops
GWC 273 MiddleComputer LabM: 8-9
T-TH: 8-10
F: 8-6
Electrical Engineering Lab Students Only19 Windows Desktops
GWC 273 NorthComputer LabVaries, see class scheduleElectrical Engineering Lab Students Only18 Windows Desktops
GWC 273 SouthEECAD Computer LabVaries, see class scheduleECEE Specific Course requirements64 Linux CAD stations
GWC 379ClassroomVaries, see Lab ScheduleElectrical Engineering Lab Students OnlyProjector24 Windows Desktops
GWC 481Classroom24/7 Restricted AccessProjector41 Desktops
PEBE 138ClassroomClass time onlyBHSE Classroom useProjector34 Windows Desktops; 1 Instructor Mac
PEBE 140ClassroomClass time onlyBHSE Classroom useProjector34 Windows Desktops; 1 Instructor Mac
SCOB 182Computer Lab24/7Chemical & Materials Engineering Students OnlyTeam collaboration TVs20 Windows Desktops
SCOB 290ClassroomClass time onlyBHSE Classroom useProjector21 Windows Desktops
SCOB 340Computer Lab24/7BHSE Limited to Upper Division StudentsProjector44 Windows Desktops