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Grant Proposal Wording


Writing a grant proposal and need IT service-related boilerplate language? Cut and paste from the text below as needed. Contact Denise Felsenthal if you need additional information.

The data for this project will be stored on ASU’s campus-wide research storage system, and the services hosted on the university’s UNIX Virtual Server facility. These two services are designed to bring the advantages and economies of scale of professional IT facilities to research projects across the campus in a cost effective way.

The research storage facility provides a high integrity space for storing data, using enterprise-class NAS (Network Attached Storage) equipment. In addition to the primary copy of the data being stored on redundant disk behind a cluster of NAS filers with failover capability, a backup copy of the data is created daily on a separate disk storage system in a separate building to provide protection and rapid restore from any data loss. The snapshots of both the primary and backup copies of the data are taken daily, and access to the snapshots on the primary volume is available to users to make the recovery of accidentally deleted files as seamless as possible. Daily snapshots are retained for a month, and monthly snapshots are retained for four months, with additional storage of snapshots available on demand.

The Virtual Server facility consolidates individual servers into a large central farm of virtual machines. While the user of the virtual machine still retains the ability to tailor the software environment as if they owned their own physical server, individual research projects will not have to bear the cost of maintaining a physical system. If the underlying physical server fails, the virtual server can be restarted immediately on another physical server in the farm. The staff for the research project need not worry about service contracts, hardware maintenance, or periodic replacement of physical systems. Consolidation into a single farm also allows the university’s professional IT staff to maintain proper backups of the virtual server, as well as providing regular security sweeps to look for vulnerabilities or unusual behavior. Both the research storage and virtual server facilities are part of ASU’s coordinated strategy of providing outstanding stewardship for cyberinfrastructure investment made by federal grants and contracts.