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Event Tracker


New Fulton Event tracker /  UTO Legacy Event Tracker End-Of-Life

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Event Tracker replaces the UTO legacy Event Tracker which reached end of life on July 1st, 2019.  The new Fulton Event Tracker is used for attendance taking at FSE Events and supports card swiping and name badge printing. The  system is available to all Faculty and Staff within Engineering.  For Event RSVP’s, please use Aventri.   Information and request for Aventri access can be found here:

Fulton Schools Event Tracker Overview

The Event Tracker system allows for tracking or attendance-taking of students, Faculty and Staff for defined Events. The system allows for optional name badge printing and downloading of attendance data.  The major functionality of the system includes:

  • Ability for authorized users to check-in students by card swipe or entering an id.  The system does not allow for student self-check-in.
  • Ability to check-in students prior to an event, or check-in students for past events.
  • Audit Tracking of who checked in a student as well as who created, deleted, edited users and Events
  • Support for Staff and Faculty Check-in
  • Ability to download Event Attendance Data
  • Ability to define “Scanners” who are authorized users who are only allowed to scan in students for an event.
  • Ability to finely tune the Administrator role specific to what functionalities the administrator is allowed to perform
  • Ability for users to be defined as Scanners or Admins in multiple Units/Areas
  • Ability to allow multiple check-ins

For more information, or for help in determining which RSVP/Event Attendance system is right for you, please contact Jeff Carpenter at