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ASU Exchange Services are moving to the Office 365 suite of cloud services.  Office 365 cloud services will provide increased email security and 50GB mailboxes.  The new Mobile Device Policy will require a 4-digit pin and encryption of mobile devices to access ASU email.   The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2017, with administrative and academic unit migrations completed by December 2016

Engineering’s migration of 3,134 mailboxes is scheduled for 11/21 – 12/16.  The migration process with take three weeks.   For project information, please refer to Office 365 .  There are known migration issues to be aware of.   We will be working closely with UTO, the Exchange email team and school IT teams during the migration to ensure a smooth transition of services and minimize impact to our user community.

  • Week 1 – Kickoff and start of communication to users
  • Week 2 – Email team preps migration list, more communication to users
  • Week 3 – Migration cutover, we will schedule these exact days during the kickoff.

Linda Fornefeld is the project manager and will schedule our kickoff meeting.  Communication is critical for a successful migration.  Many other ASU departments have completed their migrations, so UTO will be sharing Best Practices, Department checklist and Mailbox owner check lists.