Enable Administrative Access

Getting temporary administrative access

This is a guide on how to temporarily enable administrative access on your computer that will allow you to install software, modify settings, change configurations, etc on your computer.

Search for “Software Center” on your Windows-based computer:

Image of the search Window's search bar with "software center" typed in the search bar. The window above shows the Software Center app under "Best match". It also gives the options to open the app, open the file location, pin to start or pin to taskbar.

Find “Configure PC: Enable Administrator Access” within Software Center:

Image of the the Software Center app after it has launched. There is a wide variety of software titles shown. You can filter or sort them. There is a search bar in the top right corner, a red arrow points to it.

Install “Configuration PC: Enable Administrator Access”

This is a screenshot, at the top the text reads "Applications > Application details". Below that is an icon of a computer with gears on the screen titled "Configure PC: Enable Administrator Access" with the buttons "Install" and "Schedule" below. The buttons are highlighted with red squares around them. Text under reads "Temporarily grants Administrative access on the local workstation. Access will be removed after the selected duration passes, or the user initiates shutdown or restart. In order to remove elevated access a RESTART IS REQUIRED and will be enforced. Depending on the duration selected, you will receive a pop-up notification 5-15 mins before the restart takes place, as well as a calendar appointment via email to track the event. 
While having elevated access, you may be prompted to supply Administrator credentials when performing elevated access tasks. If so, please re-supply you workstation credentials as normal."

You should see a pop-up window appear that will allow you to configure “enable administration” preferences:

A screenshot of a pop-up window. The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering logo is at the top. There is text that reads: you have requested local administrator rights to your current workstation. Please provide a reason for this request. This access will be granted for the duration selected. At that time you will be prompted to restart." Under that text is the following: 
"Computer Name: EN4076006
User Name: asurite\UserName
Duration:" here  there is a drop down menu with the times listed: "30 Minutes (recommended)" and "3 hours".
There is a button that says "GO" and below that is a button that says "Cancel".

NOTE: For more detailed info go to https://ets.engineering.asu.edu/elevate-admin/